Wedding photograpaher Florence





What is your photographic style?

I specialize in reportage, I work with discretion without imposing forced poses, leaving the couple the necessary space to fully enjoy the moment. I therefore tend to follow the natural flow of events by capturing the significant moments and emotions of the moment with my shots.

Why do most packages have two photographers?

The presence of two photographers allows us to capture the moments of the day from multiple perspectives, it also allows us to be able to follow both preparations with care.


Do you work alone?

I like working in a team, so I surrounded myself with trusted people, creating a close-knit group of photographers who love this job. In my opinion, working in a team is a great resource, it allows us to offer the client complete services with shots from different points of view.



How many photos are delivered?

For each package there is a minimum number of photos that will be delivered to you, however it is not possible for me to tell you the exact number of shots delivered in advance as it depends on various factors such as the duration of the service and more. In fact, each event is independent and, preferring reportage, even the shots will follow the course of events.

How long in advance is it advisable to book a service?

There is no minimum time, usually as a wedding photographer it is advisable (especially if you plan to get married on the weekend in high season) to book the service 18-12 months before the scheduled date, to have a better chance of finding the free date. As for couple photo shoots, family photo shoots and photo shoots during pregnancy, just contact me at less notice, for example a few weeks before.

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